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Muslim TV programmes/movies/channels – Idea 16: Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football

Looks like a great documentary to watch with your teens!

How two moms dealt with their son’s secret girlfriends – Hina Khan Mukhtar And this is some great research to back up Islam's take on no-dating! Teens who don't date may be more well-adjusted and less depressed, new study...

Menstruation is not a break from your faith

A really interesting perspective! I love the idea of framing it differently to change how we (and our children) think of it...  

Mother-Daughter Sehri

In line with making gatherings meaningful in Ramadan, here's another idea! Last Ramadan, my 11 year old daughter and I held a joint sehri! There were 6 girls and their mums... as they came in, they were given a sheet of questions to fill out - the mother sheet was...