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Salaah Idea 23: Rhymes on Salaah

Here are some rhymes to sing when teaching children about prayer: To the tune of this is the way we brush our teeth:This is the way we (make salah) x3 This is the way we make salah When it’s time to prayThis is the way we (do takbir) x3 This is the way we do takbir...

Salaah Idea 22: Show them the wonderful places people can pray

Inspire them by showing them that Salaah can be prayed anywhere! This...

Salaah Idea 21: Other Articles/Videos on Salaah

Some beautiful tips amongst these articles and videos:

Salaah Idea 20: Tips for getting your young child up for Fajr

Some good tips! When he started talking about how parents should get together and exchange ideas, i was so excited - because that's what Buzz is all about! Parents sharing ideas about what works for them! And check out this...