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Muslim TV programmes/movies/channels – Idea 18: MiniMuslims This channel on YouTube looks great - it's filled with rhymes, stories, clips on Quran, ahadith and more! Check out Sura Qadr in pictures for example:

Alternative Muslim TV Streaming

We know of Netflix and Amazon Prime, but they come with their problems of indecency, sexuality, etc. The good news is there are alternatives! is a movie and streaming site for Muslims. The site is gorgeous and has a lot of very interesting...

Muslim TV programmes/movies/channels – Idea 17: Zahra Trust Media

Zahra Trust has some great series, including this one below of Ahkam in brief: Check out the other playlists for more videos!  

Ramadan Idea 26: Video Resources for Children

One of the benefits of Ramadan in lockdown has been the amazing videos that have been created to help children keep learning... here are a collection! Ilm did a four part series on Ramadan: Kisa Kids did full 30 day series!...