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When a young child interrupts a lecturer

Love this! He doesn't tell her to shush, or ignore her, or treat her as if she is a nuisance, and she is totally at peace 🙂 Many lessons in this for us on how to treat our children, especially at mosques.

The House of Allah

Subhanallah, subhanallah! "I love the house Allah because it is what Allah loves!" I mentioned the doors of Jannah - another inscription is to visit the masjid - again, how many of us take that for granted? Or only visit when it suits us?! Food for thought for us and...

Storm-proofing the worlds largest mud-building – a mosque

This brought a lump to my throat. There are SO many lessons in this... How lucky we are with the mosques that we have and take for granted, how they are totally submitted to the will of Allah in terms of the preparation of the mud, how they all RUSHED to help build...

Children in the Masjid: Making space for our future

A lovely article which concludes with some great pratical tips at the end! "Imagine a Masjid where the Imam pauses during Salah and the entire congregation waits so a toddler can finish his game. Imagine a Masjid where an Imam leads Salah while he holds a child in his...

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