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Story Books (Slides) by F. T. Jaffer

Here is a link to many stories on the Prophets, Imam Ali, etc. Can be used to accompany learning in classrooms or in the home!

App 22 – Tarbiyah Storytime

Tarbiyah storytime is a collection of books that have been lovingly designed with great attention to detail to introduce children to an ayah of the Qur'an. The books are easy to follow and a great way for kids to either follow along and listen to each story, or use as...

Ramadan Idea 25: Books, Books, Books!

Muslim Kids Book Nook (check her out on instagram!) put together a comprehensive list of Ramadan and Eid books! Check it out below: Board Books 1. My Rhyming Eid Book by Fatima Salem 2. It's Ramadan, Curious George by Hena Khan 3. R is for Ramadan by Greg Paprocki...

Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 15: Books, books, books!

There are a growing number of books out there on the Imam. Here is a compilation: ‘Where is My Imam?’ by Marhuma Shellina Kermalli The Last Saviour - The Sun Behind The Clouds - by Fatemazahra Merali Where Could You Be? By Abis Kids The Valuable Gift - Heavenly...