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Baligha Series – Idea 6: Don’t forget the serious stuff

by | Buloogh

With all the focus on parties and making it enjoyable, there is also the serious stuff that needs to be covered! Hijaab, Salaat, Fasting – these are just some of the responsibilities our girls will have when they turn 9 Islamically. Many children do learn these in Madressa, but it is always a good idea to have a refresher closer to the time.

Some mums organise a small course for their girls with a teacher well versed with the fiqh stuff – doing it together with other girls makes it fun and special, but they are also learning at the same time!

Just to clarify – this is not necessarily a time to TEACH everything (as it will be too overwhelming!), hopefully these topics will have been covered slowly over time leading up to the actual day. It is just meant to be a refresher and a chance to ask questions and fine tune 🙂

  • Here is a resource that covers pretty much all the fiqh stuff that will be needed… Just a warning – it is hardcore, but it is also meant to be taught over two years and more!

It has a lot of examples and practical questions for the girls to practise with, having come from the S.I.Madressa manuals…

They are Inshallah going to work to make it a little more aesthetically appealing for children, and it will also be invaluable as a reference for the girls as they grow and have queries.

  • And here is another resource – presented in a very child-friendly manner.