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Book Review: I Can Series

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This series is one of the first high quality Islamic children’s books that I came across when looking for good books for my children!
Board back, it is long lasting and durable. The illustrations are bold, bright and cheerful – and the wordings and concepts are simple and meaningful!
There are 6 books in the series, and each show young Muslim girls and boys practising different aspects of their faith in a wide range of places.

Here’s an excerpt from “I Can Eat Anything Anywhere”:

Bismillah! I can eat anything
halal and pure anywhere!
How blessed we are with the food
Allah has provided us everywhere!
I hope your children love them as much as mine did!

The series include:

I Can Make Dua’ Anywhere!
I Can Pray Anywhere!
I Can Read the Qur’an Anywhere!
I Can Say Bismillah Anywhere!
I Can Wear Hijab Anywhere!
I Can Eat Anything Anywhere!