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Book review 2: The Princess Series (based on Asma ul Husna)

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I don’t know about all of you who have young girls at home, but my 6 year old loves princesses. We have all heard of all the negative hype around Disney Princesses and the connotations they come with, so what better stories to give her to read as alternatives than a Princess series based on the 99 Names of Allah?!

There are 4 books out there so far, and we look forward to many more Inshallah.

“The Princess Series has been inspired by The Asma Ul Husna, “The 99 Names of Allah.” Each Princess has been named after a particular attribute of Allah. For example, Al-Shahid, “The Witness”, therefore the Princess has been named Princess Shahida. She embodies this attribute and tells the truth after witnessing a crime. The aim of the Princess Series is to inspire your girls to both learn the 99 Names of Allah and to learn from their meanings.”