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Blog 6

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Blog 6: Biscuits and Banarsi –

This here is an up and coming blog! Funky name, funky website…i loved it. Biscuits and Banarsi – as their tagline states – is a mix of motherhood, faith and humanity.

In their own words: “Once upon a time, two pregnant women met at a party. After talking they realized their passion for wanting to be MORE than just average Muslim moms. Disappointed at their individual failed blog attempts, they now have put their mommy brains together, because two minds are better than one.”

That’s the short version. For the long version, go to their blog!

As with the other blogs, a range of topics are considered and written about. I like the fact that normally hush topics are ventured into, such as In Sickness and In Health – the post that looks into whether perfect health makes a perfect marriage, and why if you perhaps have certain illnesses/conditions, getting married becomes more difficult.

I particularly liked Secret Date 🙂 Won’t say any more…check it out! Happy Reading 🙂

They are also on FB: