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Blog 4

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Blog 4: The Muslim Housewife –

I happened to stumble across this one…and was intrigued by the name, due to the usual negative connotations given to the term: “housewife”. I loved how the blogger explains her choice – perfect, in my opinion!

In her own words: “What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Muslim housewife? Perhaps a woman who is middle aged, uneducated, spends most of her time cooking and cleaning, and has absolutely no time for herself. Well I’m here to redefine what today’s Muslim housewife is all about. She’s not only hip and chic, but she also knows how to live a life that balances mind, body, and soul!

Housewives are looked upon as people who just cook, clean, and take care of the kids. It’s time people realize that housewives are capable of a lot more than they think. The work a housewife does in our society is undermined. But if one looks closely it is probably the best and most rewarding jobs a person could have.

Muslim Housewife Redefined: A woman who is confident, empowered, and embraces her roles in life without giving up her sense of self.”

The bloggers articles are quite detailed and deep, and which leave you reflecting quite a lot! I especially loved the article on Eman blues…the dip in feeling spiritual that comes when you are not fasting or praying due to breastfeeding and the like, and how to help feel connected again!

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