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Bedtime Series – Idea 2: Inculcate a habit of tafakkur (contemplation) from a young age with this simple bedtime ritual

by | Bedtime

We all know how important and beneficial tafakkur is – taking some time out to reflect on our actions of the day, which hopefully brings about more awareness and consciousness into what we do.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could help our children develop this habit from now?

At bedtime, encourage this by asking them to think about their day and tell you about three things that went well, and perhaps one thing that didn’t go so well and that they can work on next time.

An element of gratitude and appreciation can be built in as well, whereby you can ask about something(s) that they are grateful for, or one thing they appreciate about each member of the family from that day.

May it lead to a next generation of reflective, grateful thinkers, Inshallah!

P.S. Someone who does this with their child says her little one won’t let her leave until this is done!