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Baligha Series – Idea 9: Buloogh Clubs

by | Buloogh

The Baligha Club website shared in the last post was born as a result of exactly that – Baligha Clubs!

This started in Peterborough and is now slowly spreading through England – it basically calls girls from 7/8-10/11 years to spend a day together (usually a Sunday over the holidays)…in total they do about 5 days spread throughout the year.

The day’s format is usually like this:

Morning – a themed seminar with lots of group work and discussions. The themes vary from topics such as Islamic Identity to Role Models to New Year Resolutions.

This is followed by Lunch and Salaat.

Afternoon – this is usually a time for arts and crafts that fit in with the theme, e.g. around New Years Resolutions they made calendars. They also do some charity work too!

At the end, the older girls graduate and receive a certificate (although they are finding that the girls don’t want to leave!).

The focus of these days is different to the buloogh classes mentioned in an earlier post – that is more about the rules and responsiblities. To put it simple, that is about nourishing the brain, and this, as one of the organisers said, is all about nourishing the soul 🙂