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Baligha Series – Idea 4: Giving a Presentation in your Daughter’s School

by | Buloogh, School

Turning 9 is going to have many implications in your daughter’s school life – and the school need to know! Not only that but her friends and classmates will probably be curious as to the changes, and so it is an ideal time to dispel any myths, provide information and generally increase awareness 

Go in and speak to the head/teacher about the following:

– If she will be praying at school then she will need a space to pray, and somewhere to keep her musalla (a travel musalla with an attached part for the mohr is ideal)
– In Ramadhan that she will be fasting and may need to stay indoors during hot summer days – one school even allowed a friend to stay in with their daughter so she doesn’t get bored/lonely)
– That she will be wearing a head scarf
– If swimming, that she will be wearing a burkini, which has been accepted world wide as appropriate swim wear

Some awesome mums even went in to talk to their daughter’s class about it all! A PPT was used and has been shared with you here (PPTS have been shared here through dropbox links) in case you would like to do the same  Info can be added/changed as you see fit!

Here is another PPT given by another mum, who extended it to add more information on the other aspects of turning baaligh;

The amazing thing was the knock-on effect it had…in one school, because of one girl starting to wear the hijaab at school, another did too – and so this mum was asked to come in and give her presentation to another class also!

Others asked speakers to come instead, and it was held as a Key Stage 2 Assembly – this was very effective also.

Also super effective was having the girls who are wearing hijaab give their own talk, thus giving them ownership of explaining what is happening to their lives. Here is a sample talk which may be useful: