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Back to School Idea 2

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Found this awesome idea on Busy Mummys (

Here’s a beautiful prayer tool for your children to use!


You’re all grown up. You insist on brushing your own teeth and putting on your own clothes. Not to forget, even choose what you’ll wear. It’s hard to see you not need us anymore. For it was only yesterday when we rocked and sang to you, fed you and bathed you. Taught you words to say, but even that, now you choose your own. As you start to become an independent little girl and spend more time away from us, there are many things I want you to know. But for now, because you’re still quite little, here are five things from Five great people you love, I want you to ALWAYS remember:

1. Be Kind – Remember P.Muhammed (SAWW), always Smile and be kind to all. Big and small. Tall and short. Never judge. Never mock. Smile when you enter and smile when you leave. Smile and be kind even to those who are mean.

2. Choose Your Words – Remember I.Ali (as) and speak politely. Mind your P’s & Q’s. Look around to notice and talk to those who are shy and haven’t many friends.

3. You are Beautiful – Remember B.Fatema (as), never forget that you are amazingly beautiful and VERY CAREFULLY DESIGNED by Allah. It’s not how we look or what we wear that makes us beautiful, but how good we are on the inside. Let noone tell you otherwise. You are a very special flower blooming in Allah’s garden.

4. Be Patient – Remember I.Hassan (as) for he was always patient. Don’t interrupt the teacher and let the younger kids finish their stories. Wait for your turn at the playground and in the classroom too.

5. Do Your Best – Remember I.Hussein (as) and do your best. Keep trying and never give up. Give your all in everything you do. Ask Allah for help, work hard and Allah will always help inshA!

*For older kids, you could extend to the fourteen Masumeens and their awesome virtues. May the Almighty bless our kids to make this world a better place through their Akhlaq, inshA!