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Baby Aidan of Baby Muhammad? The importance of a name…

by | Parenting

For those of you who maybe thinking about baby names 🙂

Also pertinent to those who shorten names to suit others around them… let’s own our names with pride!

“The process of choosing a name for a tiny human being is a tremendous, anxiety-inducing responsibility that can lead to marital spats, desperate crowdsourcing and late-night prayers for divine inspiration.

For Muslim parents, it carries a much heavier burden.

“Should we give our baby a less Muslim-y name?” I asked my wife after we did an awkward, late-night celebration dance upon seeing the “+” sign appear on the pregnancy test over a year and a half ago.

It wasn’t crazy to be entertaining the question. Why burden your kid with a profile-worthy name in addition to the problems he will likely inherit because of his skin color, ethnicity and religion?”

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