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Thoughtful Gift Ideas 67: Box made in Gaza

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 67: Box made in Gaza

This next gift idea is thoughtful in many ways.
The box that you see has been made in Gaza by deaf men and women, and so by purchasing the boxes, their income was provided for them. As well all know, Gaza needs all the help it can get at the moment, so this gesture is also one of support and solidarity.
Inside are some lovely bonbons!
Thoughtful Gift Ideas 66: Homemade Carrot Pickle

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 66: Homemade Carrot Pickle

Continuing on the homemade theme, here is a jar of homemade carrot pickle for Eid!
I wanted to try to stay away from something sweet as I knew everyone would have plenty of sweet stuff around this time, although I did try my hand at homemade strawberry jam as I figured it would last, but I wasn’t sure how many people like it! I was racking my brain for what to do instead until my sister suggested my mum’s pickle!
The label reads: ‘Like this carrot pickle, we pray that Ramadan was full of flavour and that Eid brings the taste of contentment and fulfilment, Inshallah.’
Thoughtful Gift Ideas 65: Homemade Cordial

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 65: Homemade Cordial

Check out these homemade elderflower cordial bottles! The next few pics shows them being made by the mum and daughter team 🙂
Homemade always adds a beautiful touch, and I can imagine the cordial tasted goooood after Ramadan too! Plus glass bottles were used so no waste – win win!
Thoughtful Gift Ideas 64: Honey

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 64: Honey

Now comes my most favourite part of the year! Gift giving has a special place in Islam, and we have all heard about the importance of gifts as a way of communicating love. In particular, thoughtful gifts are so so precious, because they show the time and effort that goes into the making it special for the recipient.
Alhamdulillah, these days we have an exploding amount of Islamic gifts that we can get for all ages, but gifts don’t need to be specifically bespoke or outright Islamic to be meaningful! Just adding an apt message to something can make it meaningful and thoughtful!

One family have made it an annual ritual to gift honey, something that is mentioned in the Quran, is healthy and wholesome, and enjoyed by all! The message on the tag is the cherry on top 🙂 It says: May the sweetness and blessing of Ramadan continue all year round!

Quran Memorisation Series – Idea 12: Inspire them with these videos of young Hadighs and Hafidhas

Subhanallah! Recently i have been coming across so many inspiring young Quran recitors! I thought i would put them in one post as inspiration for our kids learning to recite…

  • Check out this video on recitations from non-Arab speaking children, including a blind child reciting from a braille Quran right at the end!

  • And this girl.
  • In this next one i love the hand gestures/symbols used alongside the verses – and I also love how the whole audience joined in to participate!
  • I love this celebration of children finishing the Quran – tears were rolling both on screen and off!
  • How about this haafidh who is Autistic
  • He has no physical sight, yet his spiritual sight is a thing of beauty! May Allah grant us all his faith…totally, totally inspiring.