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Idea No 3: Encourage the expression of grief, love and understanding of Karbala through different forms of Art – then hold an exhibition! (Sent in by Sumayya Pirbhai)

The impact of pictures and images on any child is usually greater than any form of words will be. Having noted this in our workshop sessions, we presented the idea of an art exhibition to the community to submit works that related to our theme: “Revolution of Kerbala through Art”.

A mass invite was sent to the community and many members were contacted directly to encourage maximum participation. Participants were given guidelines and were required to submit an artist statement which explained their art and answered the question “How does this relate today?” After all the submissions were received, each work and statement was on display for a few days leading up to Ashura.

Many children invited their friends to “come and see this one” whilst adults were overheard drawing their own conclusions from the works on display.

Dreams we have of becoming one with al Mahdi (atfs) must be put into action and the art exhibition on the Revolution of Kerbala drew on these dreams to be put into visual presentations to aide our thoughts…