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Arbaeen Idea 4: Arbaeen Mini-Walk and Scavenger Hunt

by | Ideas for Marking Arbaeen, Muharram/Safar

A wonderful group of mums held this mini-walk in their neighbourhood and were happy to share their resources in case anyone would like to use them! Their Arbaeen walk was a route around the neighbourhood, and the Mawkebs were at their houses which were on the route.

Here is a folder with all the resources used, including tickets for the walk, a letter to the neighbours to explain what was going on and a scavenger hunt that the children had to do on the walk:

The children started at Najaf International Airport / the shrine of Imam Ali:

They stopped at many Mawqebs along the way and picked up a lot of tabarruk!:

One of the Mawkebs gave out a little craft folder too!:

One of the things to sight was Wadi-us-Salaam:

Finally they arrived at Kerbala, in Bayn-ul-Haramain, where they said their Salaams and gave some sadaqah:

All in all, a lovely recreation of the walk for young ones. Labayk Ya Husayn!