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App 8 – Memorize Quran

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App No 8: Memorize Quran

Given that it’s Thursday night, I thought this would be a good app to share!

When this app was recommended, I was quite eager to check it out because I’ve been looking for such a tool to use with my lot. And it didn’t disappoint!

You start off by creating a profile (and you can even adjust your pic to have one that looks like you!) Then pick a Sura from the Juz that interests you – the 30th Juz is unlocked and the rest can be purchased for a small amount each. Stats are then kept on each profile such as verses, suras and ajza’ that have been worked on.

Once you’re in the sura, click on the ayahs that you want to work on, and off you go! There are options to repeat automatically, have some time after each verse recitation to be able to repeat it yourself, set a bookmark and so on.

The recitor is Sh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy who recites beautifully Mashallah; the only downside is that the recitation is quite fast for each verse…I would prefer something a bit slower for the children.

Overall though, an excellent excellent tool!

P.S. Sorry, haven’t been able to find this on android 🙁 – HOWEVER, check out this alternative that I came across: Juz Amma (Suras of Quran).

P.P.S – Also check out Pre-School Quran which was also recommended! The verses are repeated by children which is great to help learn the suras also.