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App 3 – Dua

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App no 3: Muslim Kid Series: Dua

This app was actually the first Muslim children’s app i happened to stumble across, and the one that motivated me to find more!

If you’ve downloaded the Hijaiya app, you may have come across this one too. Also very well made with lovely bright illustrations, there are duas for everything from waking up to going to the mosque to when it rains…

And if you or your child can’t read Arabic, a simple click on the audio button will play the dua being recited really well in a young boy’s voice. Unfortunately audio isn’t available for the English translation however.

Overall? A great little app to help us (kids and parents!) utilise and benefit from the many duas available in our everyday lives…now the trick is to remember to play them at the right time!

It’s free and guess what…this one is available on androids too! As per someone’s very smart request, here are the links for your perusal: