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App 15 – Tasbih of Bibi Fatema (as) Game – FREE App!

by | Apps, Salaah

I had mentioned i have a few apps for Muslim children to review to add to the ones reviewed in a previous series – here is an awesome one!

Created by the amazing authors of the Yaseer and Zahra books (AND the Heroes of Kerbala game recently reprinted by Buzz Ideazz), they turned this real-life game of theirs into an app smile emoticon

When you first open it up, you are greeted by a nasheed exhorting the praises of Lady Fatima (peace be upon her)! You can then choose which type of game you want to play – one player, multiplayer, and access to instructions.

If you choose one player, you can decide whether you want to be Yaseer or Zahra and then you play against Grandfather! Multiplayers go by colour.

And then you’re off! As the dice rolls, you make your way through a tasbih – you can land on question cards (where you are asked basic trivia about the tasbih and Bibi Fatima), treasure boxes (where you did something good, eg. recited tasbih when you were ill and so get to move ahead or have another turn) and O-NO cards (where you did something wrong and so move back, eg. read the tasbih out of order).

All in all, lots to learn from this game, which having fun at the same time! The question cards ARE based on trust and you have to answer and then choose whether you got the answer right or wrong… however, the aim of the game is to learn, so that is achieved regardless, Inshallah!

Last but not least, it is FREE to download! The App was created by ECNET Solutions INC.

P.S. We have some good news about the actual physical game itself – more to come, Inshallah!