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Islamic Gameshows

Islamic Gameshows

Gameshows are SUCH a fun way to not only test one’s Islamic knowledge but also teach it – without them even knowing any learning is going on!

Here is a collection of Gameshows Templates/Questions from around the world – if you have any to contribute, please do send them in!


Blockbuster Template

Islamic Jeopardy Game Show (Kerbala)

Blockbuster Questions (General – Ages 7-12)

Which Grade Wants to be the Smartest (With questions)

Who Wants to Be a Winner (Saba)

Who Wants to Be a Winner 

Who Wants to Be a Winner (10-13 years)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – on Salaatul Qasr

Islamic Quiz

Who Said That? By Tasbih Project

Name That Sura – By Tasbih Project

Miladun Nabi Quiz (on the Prophet and general knowledge)

KAHOOT! Gameshow on Imam Husayn (as)/Kerbala

KAHOOT! Gameshow on the Prophet

Quran Gameshow Questions and Answers – Sura Jum’uah



Islamic English Plays

Islamic English Plays

Visual narrations are an amazing way to teach and show children events of historical importance. Alhamd, many communities around the world perform plays on a wide range of topics – here we have collected just a few. If you have any more scripts, please do share – so that others can use them too!

Play on the Prophet (saw)

Play on the life of Bibi Fatima (as) – Fatemah is Fatemah (as)

Play on Bibi Sakina – An Orphan’s Tale

Play on Lamentation – with an emphasis on Debel

Play on Imam Mahdi (aj) – The Sun Hidden Behind The Clouds

Play on Imam Mahdi (aj) – The Sun Hidden Behind The Clouds (Present Tense Version)

Play on Imam Mahdi (aj) – The Seasons are Awaiting

Play on Imam Mahdi (aj) – Active Waiting

Play on Bibi Zainab – Portrait of Perfection

Play on the Life of Lady Narjis Khatoon (sa) – click here for mentioned audio files

Play on Ziyarat Nahiya

Play on the death of Bibi Fatima (as) (from death of Prophet)

Play on Western vs Islamic Lifestyle

Play on Prophet Shoaib

Play on Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari

Play on Dua Tawassul

Play on Dua Mashlool

Husayn Day Play on The Gift of Time by Waliul Asr

Husayn Day Play on the Lives of Ulemas by Waliul Asr

Husayn Day Play on Kerbala to the return of Imam Mahdi (aj) by Waliul Asr

Play about a Baligha Girl