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Generation Gap – Maulana Nusrat Bukhari

Generation Gap – Finding a SolutionDue to the vast difference in the lives of parents and children, the issue of generation gap results in children disconnecting with their parents. Maulana Nusrat Bukhari discusses the issue and finds a solution.

Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop

Alhamdulillah we had a successful Creative Writing workshop over the half-term, inspired by the life of Lady Fatima (as).

Thirty 5 to 7 year olds began by listening to the story of Maryam’s Doll (in Adventures of a Qur’anic Family by Sun Behind The Cloud Publications Ltd), which is the story of how Maryam is inspired to give her favourite doll away because she remembers how Bibi Fatima (as) did so with her wedding dress. We discussed the verse 3:92 – Lantanalul Birra – which talks of giving out of what we love the most.

The children then split into two groups and began by writing down 6 things they loved, followed by 6 things they shared. The two were compared and discussed, making them think about whether they would share the things that they loved, like Bibi Fatima (as).

They then went on to make a craft which showed the story of the poor man at the door, and allowed the children to move Bibi Fatima (as) across the page to open the door, then back to where her dress was, and then back again to give the dress away. They were encouraged to use this craft to relay the story to their friends.

Finally, they were then invited to write the story in their own words. They were extremely attentive and enjoyed this very much!

Twenty 8 to 11 year olds went upstairs to work with Zayn Gulamhussein, a teacher and tutor with years of experience. They too were introduced to the story of the wedding dress and then asked to begin thinking of a story along those lines, entitled ‘The Pain of Giving’. Using a worksheet to help them plan their story, along with some creative writing games, they were well on their way and managed to write up some original and well thought out short stories by the end!

The Event of the Kisa – Rhymes and Videos

People have asked for the lyrics for this beautiful song on the Event of the Kisa. Here is it – share with permission of the author.

Shall I tell you about the event of the Kisa
The event of the prophets (s) kisa
He went to the house of his daughter Fatima (a)
And he asked for the Yemeni kisa

She covered him with the Yemeni kisa
His face shone like the full moon
Soon after some others came to join him
Do you want to know who?

Then came Hasan (a) and greeted his mother
Salamun alayki ya ummah
I can smell the nice smell of my grandfather
So he joined him under the kisa

Then came Husayn (a) and greeted his mother
Salamun alayki ya ummah
I can smell the nice smell of my grandfather
So he joined him under the kisa

Then came Ali Amirul momineen (a)
Salamun alayki of Jannah you are queen
I can smell the nice smell of my cousin brother
So he also entered the Kisa

Then Fatima (a) went real close to the kisa
Salamun alaykum O father
Do you give me permission to now enter
Yes! She too went under the kisa

When all five gathered under the kisa
Jibraeel spoke up and said O Allah
Who are these luminous personalities
Lying under the kisa

He said they were the family of Fatima (a)
Her husband, sons and her father
They are the ones who are perfectly purified
They are the Ahlul Kisa
The Ahlul bayt at-Tahirah

Here is a puppet show with the rhyme playing at the back:

And here is a cartoon on the event: