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Muharram Idea 6 – Importance of Water

Muharram Idea 6 – Importance of Water

Idea No 6: Remind them about the Importance of Water during these 10 Days (sent in by a mum!)

One way to do that is to stick up a note in the kitchen as a reminder to think of Imam Husayn (as)!

Or for older children, you can stick up the Dua When Drinking Water (or even stick it on their water bottles):


Blessing of Allah be on Husayn, his family and his friends; may Allah curse those who killed him and opposed him.


Muharram Idea 5 – New Year’s Resolution

Muharram Idea 5 – New Year’s Resolution

Idea No 5: Mark our New Year with Resolutions (sent in by a mum!)

We don’t celebrate our new year, but we can make it meaningful as a family. We (children AND parents!) created a flag with our goals for the year (main pic above). It is something for them to think about every day. Perhaps a sticker can be given for each day the child and parent remember the Akhlaq they wish to make into a habit.

NB: Goals can be anything! As well as an Akhlaqi goal, why not have a goal for the body, the brain, the soul… increase or decrease this according to the age of the child.

This idea has also been used in classrooms! Here’s what one teacher said: “This year in the girls’ classes we asked them to pick 3 small things that they knew was good to do, and encouraged them to try and make it a habit by doing it over the next 40 days – from Ashura to Arbaeen. May Allah accept our mourning for Aba Abdillah, and help us transform it into true knowledge and bettering ourselves, Inshallah.”

Muharram Idea 4 – Banner of ‘words’

Muharram Idea 4 – Banner of ‘words’

Idea No 4: Make it VISUAL (sent in by a mum!)

As Muharram approaches us every year, I ponder over how to create an atmosphere in the house to give the children a sense of understanding and importance of the next two holy months.

This year, I created a banner with various vocabulary applicable to my children’s ages. I placed it opposite their bunk bed so that they are able to see it before going to bed. It is to be a source of discussion every night.