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Father and Son while Praying

by | Parenting, Prophet

Love this video :) Have seen it before but found it again when searching something on the net.

Reminded me of how the Prophet was with Hassan and Husayn, his grandchildren! What lessons there are in this for us as parents :)

‘When these two princes grew up a little, and were able to toddle around, they very frequently wandered out of their house into the Mosque. If their grandfather was in the midst of a sermon, he immediately stopped, descended from the pulpit, took them in his arms, carried them back, seated them beside himself on the pulpit, and then resumed his speech. If he was leading the public prayers, and was in sajdah (resting his forehead on the ground), both children, very often, climbed onto his neck and back.

He preferred to prolong the sajdah rather than to disturb them, and rose from sajdah only when they dismounted from his neck or back voluntarily. If he went out of his home or the Mosque, they rode his shoulders. The people of Medina called them “the Riders of the Shoulders of the Messenger of God.”’

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, skip to the end when he finishes! Beautiful…