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Eid-e-Ghadeer Fair

For the Eid of Ghadeer, one community held an awesome fair. Not only did this fair have the usuals like a bouncy castle, lucky dips, yummy food and decor, it also had some very meaningful activity stations for children to go round and do. Here is a round up, with the...

Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 21: Escape Room / Challenge – FOR TEEN/ADULTS

This was an escape room / house-wide challenge created for teenagers. A simple walk-through is given below, but for more details and printouts to recreate it, pls see this doc: Imam Mahdi Challenge - teens The girls received a text as follows: After a few attempts, I...

Story Time – Videos, Audio Books and Apps

This is a great Story App by World Federation - Tarbiyah Miraj Stories also is a great story app Here are a few Story Time videos by Tanveer Shares:

Familiarising our children with the Holy Quran – Idea 9: Quran and Science

Make the teachings of the Quran ractical and relevant by relating them to the world around us. Here are some v ideos to help you going by Tanveer Shares:

Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 20: Escape Room for Younger Children

One mum created this awesome escape room for ages 6-9 years! Check out the overview below - links to the resources have been given throughout to help you recreate it in your own homes, Inshallah!: "They all received this special invite:   In the beginning the...

Thoughtful Gifts 83: Sprinkled With Duas Jars

These jars were actually not an Eid gift but a wedding gift - what a beautiful wedding favour to give out! Filled with hot chod powder, marshmallows and sprinkles, it is useful as well as stylish!

Thoughtful Gifts 82: Family Stone Art

I absolutely love this next thoughtful gift! It’s personalised, aesthetically beautiful and would beautify any room, AND it reminds us to pray for our families through the beautiful words of the Quran! Made by the oh-so-creative Arifa Ismail!...

Thoughtful Gifts 81: Stick-ons to remind us to do Dhikr of Allah

Here’s the next awesome thoughtful gift! It shows that a gift does not have to be elaborate to be thoughtful - these gifts are simple and elegant, and reminds us to do the dhikr of Allah

Thoughtful Gifts 80: Framed Print

Here is another thoughtful gift that has become quite popular in recent years - and rightfully so! Prints with a verse or hadith on it, beautifully designed. It’s a perfect reminder of the words of God - and makes a lovely addition to any household’s decor!

Thoughtful Gifts 78: A Revision Kit

This next thoughtful gift was given to girls who were doing their GCSEs or getting to that age! It’s a revision/studying kit with different pieces of stationary - and a Dua card about studying to go with it!

Thoughtful Gifts 79: Post-Ramadan Glow Kit

The next thoughtful gift is this Post-Ramadan Glow Kit! The pics speak for themselves What a lovely way to keep the spiritual effects of Ramadan going once the month is over - a great way to beat the post-Ramadan blues!

Thoughtful Gifts 77: Prayer Mat Companion

Another gem by @alkhaliqdesigns designs, this prayer may spray and book is such a thoughtful gift! I will share a review by @oh.whow on stories which will cover it in more depth, but any gift to help enhance our salaah is always welcome!

Thoughtful Gift Idea 76: Magic beans

These wonderful magic beans say Sabr, Shukr and Tawakkul! Both a reminder for these beautiful concepts and an activity to do with the kids, this one’s a perfect gift for a range of ages.

Who Created Allah?

Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 19: Social Media Resources

One community had a social media campaign in the lead up to 15th Shabaan. They would also send it to their Madressa students as a countdown from 5 days before his birthday. Day 1: 5 days to go! A special birthday of a special person! 🎉💐Exciting isn’t it? ☺️ Wouldn’t...

Imam Mahdi (aj) – Idea 18: Hold an Imam Mahdi (aj) Day!

One community did exactly that! Stations were set up around the hall - these are the details: 1. Remembering the Imam: out of my mystery box I will pull out around items on imam mahdi and stick onto my felt board explaining each one (M/meem for Mohamed Mahdi, compass...

Nasheeds/Rhymes on the 12 Imams

Autumn Leaf Activity with an Islamic Twist!

A lovely Autumn activity for little ones as shared by Fatema Damani! Find the matching colour lead as you’re out for a walk - and remember, ‘No leaf ever falls but that He knows about it’ (6:59)  

Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday – A whole bunch of ideas!

These ideas from Sun Behind The Cloud are great! View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Sun Behind The Cloud (@sunbehindcloud) How about this art project:     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by zh.creates (@zh.creates) Love this...

Story Bag on the Prophet (saw)

Love this idea by Zayn Gulamhusein to mark the Prophet’s birthday Story bags are a great way to teach younger children! Ask the children: What's in my bag? After the song and drumroll pull out a nappy. Go around asking the children whose it is. Then narrate the story...


Check out what one mum did to mark Eid-Zahra last year A renewal of our pledge to the Imam, with a crown full of yummies…