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Celebrating Eid: Idea 12 – Resources

Here are a collection of resources on Eid: Here is a storybook by UmAimen Here are some worksheets by UmAimen

Understanding My Ramadan Duas – Journal and Videos

For many many years, I have felt that we do such a disservice to the beautiful duas that we recite in Ramadan because we focus so much on the rote recitation as opposed to looking at and learning from the gems that our Imam has given us within. Last year a close...

Talk to Allah – an activity for young ones

I love this activity sent in by a mum which encourages children to talk to Allah, and gives them a little bit of guidance on how to focus that conversation!

3rd Imam – Resources on Imam Husayn (as)

I love this crytograph for older children that Beb e Kazim shared on FB: At the top there is a KEY that lists all the letters from A thru Z with a box below. Each of the letters has a corresponding number. The bottom part contains a maxim of Imam Hussain a.s. Each of...

Judge Arshad – Maintaining Hijab before Profession

'Judge Arshad also revealed that her family feared discrimination at the beginning of her law studies. The Midlands-based judge was advised by her family to not wear her hijab to an interview for a scholarship at the Inns of Court School of Law in 2001. However, she...

Rajab Idea 9: Resources for Mab’ath

Here are some ideas for marking the Day of Mab'ath with your children: I love this felt storyboard one mum made (pictured as main photo) The event would make an ideal role play, so dress them up in costumes and have them re-enact the event of Mab'ath This is a great...

Fast Feet – Race to Learn about the Imams and Find the Object!

Inspired by a game I played recently, I put together a game to play with extended family to try and get some learning going, as well as some activity (lots of running around!) and fun too! You can play it for the wiladats of all of the Ahlul Bayt - why not try it for...

Prophet Muhammad (saw) Treasure Hunt

Prophet Muhammad (saw) Treasure Hunt (For older and younger children) This treasure hunt combines info (for older kids) and fun activities (for the younger ones)! Decorate your house for khushali if you can with banners, light up boxes and the like. It all adds to the...

Story Books (Slides) by F. T. Jaffer

Here is a link to many stories on the Prophets, Imam Ali, etc. Can be used to accompany learning in classrooms or in the home!

Fiqh Powerpoint Slides for Lessons

Here are some PPT lessons on the following Fiqh topics: Ahkame Mayyit Attributes of Allah (Sifate Salbiyyah) Attributes of Allah (Sifate Subutiya) Fasting Furoo-e-deen Ghusl Ghusl of Hunoot Haidh, Istihadha, Nifas Hajj Halal and Haram Foods Islamic Terminology Jabira...

6th Imam – Resources on Imam Jaffer Sadiq (as)

Here are some resources to help teach children about the 7th Imam: Here is a clear timeline with pictures by Reflect12. For older kids, is a great site for more info on the Imam. Here are some video clips:

8th Imam – Resources on Imam Ali ur Ridha (as)

For older kids, is a great site for more info on the Imam.

Arbaeen Idea 4: Resources

Here are some resources to help teach children about Arbaeen: Here are some worksheets for younger children. Here is a book on Arbaeen by QFatima.

Bibi Sakina – Resources

Here are some resources to help teach children about Bibi Sakina:

11th Imam – Resources on Imam Hasan Askari (as)

Here are some resources on the 11th Imam: This is a clear and simple timeline of his life - a great visual teaching tool for children....

Bibi Zainab – Resources

Here are some resources to help mark the life of Bibi Zainab: A puppet show on her birth: A poem about Bibi Zainab: Children's Hour...

Muslim TV programmes/movies/channels – Idea 18: MiniMuslims This channel on YouTube looks great - it's filled with rhymes, stories, clips on Quran, ahadith and more! Check out Sura Qadr in pictures for example:

How far should we go in celebrating Christmas?

Syed Rizvi on the difference between respecting Christmas and adopting Christmas.  

Prophet Muhammad (saw) Themed Party Bags

I LOVE what one mum did to mark the Prophet’s birthday! ‘We made Prophet Muhammad themed party bags and dropped them off at his friends house with the message below. “Abdulhafeedh and Fatimah are so excited to celebrate Prophet Muhammad (saw) birthday with you all......